Hasan Azizul Huq

Hasan Azizul Huq is living legend of our Bangladesh. He is not only the pioneer storyteller, he is our only lighthouse in this dark time, too. 
Hasan Azizul Haque was born in the Jabgram village of Bardhaman in West Bengal in February 1939. He did his matriculation from Maharani Kalishwari High School the village in 1954, and had his honours on philosophy in Rajshahi University in 1958. He joined Rajshahi University in 1973. 
Among the story books of Hasan Azizul Haque, Samudrer Swapna Shiter Aranya (1964), Atmaja O Ekti Karabi Gachh (1967), Namhin Gotrahin (1975), and Ma Meyer Galpa (1997) are critically acclaimed. Curently he write another story book named ‘Bidhabader Katha o Anyanyo Galpa’, which is really another masterpiece. 
Hasan won the Adamji Sahitya Purashkar in 1967, Bangla Academy Sahitya Purashkar in 1970, Alaul Purashkar in 1983, Philips Sahitya Purashkar in 1988, and the Ekushe Padak among others.

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