Sushmita Man

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Sushmita Man is an emerging art historian and artist who practice her art and writing simultaneously and exploring a wide range of subjects, issues and concerns. Born in 1991, Sushmita belongs to a new generation of writers and creator representing their country. Having a master in the history of art, she has well researched and documented her thesis on “Text as an Image” and is recently working on the topic “Graphic narratives- cultural, political, satirical collage” for her PhD preparation. As a visual artist, her wonderful dexterity to handledifferent kinds of medium and focussed issues with a sarcastic twist can be seen in her works. Her experiences in the practice have enriched her perceptions in history of art and are also a testimony to her ability of research acumen and engagement. Sushmita Man has pursued her BFA in Painting department (2014) from Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai and her MFA in History of Art department (2017) from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan.

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